5 ways content marketing builds your brand

Everyone and their dog (quite literally in some cases!) is a content creator these days. And for good reason. Traditional advertising alone has become background noise – especially when everything drives people straight to a “Buy Now” CTA.

Content marketing, however, allows businesses to build their brand and connect with audiences in ways they never could before.

Content marketing nurtures brand awareness and trust

Almost anything can create brand awareness, but content marketing does it in a unique way. It’s not all about selling. The focus is on building relationships with your customers and providing value, without taking anything in return. If you create valuable and relevant content and provide it for free, you’ll connect with your audience in ways an ad on its own can’t.

With personalised content, your customers are interacting with you beyond a single purchase. The more quality content your customers see, the more positive the association they’ll have with your brand. You’re nurturing an audience who are more likely to trust your advice and recommendations – and then share it.

Produce quality content consistently and the awareness and trust you develop with your customers will only extend your brand’s reach further.

Spotify is a master at using personalisation to drive its brand awareness, especially with its annual Wrapped campaign. In 2020, mobile app downloads soared by 21% during the first week of the campaign launch.

Content marketing builds customer comprehension and understanding

Dry data points aren’t generally all that interesting on their own but there’s real gold in those statistics. Using proprietary data to create reports, articles, videos, podcasts and more educates your customers and supports their purchase decision – both before and after checkout. People want to know more about the brands they’re buying from. That deeper understanding of you and your product goes a long way in both driving sales and building loyalty.

It’s not just limited to information on your products or services either. Content can establish your business as an authority in your industry while providing valuable information to your audience.

Shutterstock use customer downloads and searches from the previous year to produce their Creative Trends Report. It’s a single piece of content useful to Shutterstock’s core audience – businesses that buy the images and the artists who create them. In 2019, the report saw over 146,000 unique page views in the first two weeks and this number has nearly doubled to date.

Content marketing boosts conversion

Whether targeted or more general, content helps you to connect with customers. Even better, it helps customers connect with you. The stronger your relationship and the more top of mind you stay, the more likely customers will revisit your site or repurchase your product or service.

And as we all know, quality content gets shared online, which means more traffic coming to your site or socials. The more valuable your content, the more likely you’re converting visits into leads into customers.

Content marketing drives engagement

If you provide something truly useful to your audience, engagement will go through the roof. A devoted and engaged audience can also generate the content for you.

GoPro, a brand built on customer driven content, saw sales increase 13% YOY in Q3 of 2021. Their YouTube channel is filled with compilations of extreme sports, which grabs the attention of their target audience. Very little of the GoPro brand content is created solely by the brand themselves. They share content of users doing what they love to let the product advertise itself.

Content marketing increases loyalty and brand advocacy

Your audience isn’t just potential customers, but existing customers too. And when you engage them well, you can turn them into brand advocates and ambassadors.

Recommendations are still core to buyer behaviour so encouraging advocacy among your loyal customers through consistent content marketing can only pay off.


Glossier, a beauty brand, takes community to a whole new level. Their Twitter followers are such advocates of the brand that 80% of their growth and sales come from word-of-mouth marketing.

Great content creates positive and personalised experiences for your audience. These experiences generate more than just conversions, they create fans. And fans of your brand’s content influence their friends’ and family’s purchases.

Content is key

Consistent, high-quality and engaging content impacts customer decision making more than any other marketing technique. It’s more than a strategy these days, it’s a customer expectation. Customers want to engage with the brands they buy from and become fans not just of what they sell but how they sell, who they are and what they can offer other beyond a purchase. Today, businesses are built around their brand’s personality, and content marketing is the perfect way to showcase it.

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