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The state and strategy of content marketing
The state and strategy of content marketing
From strategy to business impact – what does content marketing mean for your business?
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Infographic: Why you should be investing in video marketing
Video marketing is essential in our visually driven culture. 99% of marketers who already use video marketing...
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Copywriting vs copy editing
Copy editors help fine-tune a writers work to deliver better content and better results.
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How to make the most out of your existing content 
Reuse and recycle. Content isn't just once and done. Make the most out of what you've got.
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Copy or content: Take the quiz
Copywriting vs. content marketing: what’s the difference?
Copy converts. Content engages. But is it really as simple as that? Let's unpack it a little more.
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How to review copy 
Reviews are an essential part of all copywriting services. But what's expected of you, the client?
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