Caffeinated dreams come true

The fabulous world of subscriptions are about to deliver me coffee! I’m so excited.

I’ve been thinking about coffee a lot lately. It’s kind of hard not to, what with it being in my business name and all.

I recently bought a new espresso machine and have been struggling to find beans to fall in love with. I used to buy locally roasted beans from a Middle Eastern grocer not far from home, but they mixed up the clear, unmarked 20+ kg bags one time and I got burnt with decaff.

The beans I’ve been using recently are ok. Nothing to write home about. Good enough.

They’re fine in a latte. A bit too acidic in an iced latte. Not too bad in an iced coffee. Awful in a cappuccino.

But getting around town, looking for the best beans for your machine when you’re a little anxious about going out too often in this big, bad COVID world isn’t the most fun task. There must be a better way, I thought. And it turns out, there is.

I joked a few weeks ago about cancelling your coffee bean subscription, not realising it was a thing. But it’s a thing.

Coffee subscriptions are a thing!

Let me introduce you to what I’m hoping will be a fabulous new adventure I’m about to embark upon. Of course, I’ve just signed up and haven’t received a package yet so it could be a complete disappointment. Fingers crossed it’s not!

One Coffee Snob is a Perth-based (yay for my hometown) coffee subscription business that finds the best of the best local roasters and sends them to your door each month. And there’s a blog post to tell you all about the beans and roaster too. I’m so very excited!!

If it all works out, and you’re on my Christmas gifting list this year, you can probably guess what Santa’s bringing you….

But it turns out there’s HEAPS of them

There’s Beanhunter who started as an app for finding the best cafes around the world based on user reviews (a MUST when visiting the US or Paris, believe me).

Abode who send you two different roasts from each month’s roaster, if you like, and who sell a handful of other things too.

House it Brew who seem to be based in Sydney and have some cool-looking ceramic cups.

And Three Thousand Thieves who specialise in artisan roasters and have a huge range of gorgeous accessories.

Spicing up my daily unwind

I start my days with coffee. I break up my days with coffee. And I often end my days with coffee too. It’s a long-held ritual that gets me away from the computer for a good half hour or so and helps me unwind. But I’m looking forward to spicing it up with a new flavour each month.

What other subscriptions are out there?

I’m a big fan of specialty subscription services as a treat to lavish upon oneself. A couple of years ago, I was an avid fan of Good Pair Days and bought subscriptions for my family for Christmas too. But then my wine cupboard started to fill up, and I remembered I don’t actually drink very often so I cancelled it with a heavy heart.

There are candle subscriptions, makeup subscriptions, clothing subscriptions and art, design and “luxury item” subscriptions. (That last lot seem like a fast-track to a cluttered home filled with things you don’t love, if you ask me.)

You can get marshmallow subscriptions which would be a bit much marshmallow for me, but Marshmallow Club’s passionfruit marshmallows are to die for. Or bouquet subscriptions (which would be pretty awesome if my cat didn’t like to eat flowers…).

There are even NSFW subscriptions, which could be interesting but does anyone not working in the industry really need a new toy every single month?

Do you have a well-kept subscription secret?

I’m not about to sign up for any subscription for things, but if you come across something a bit gourmet that you just know I need to try, please let me know!

PS. Why do food photographers insist on scattering coffee beans around in their coffee shots? It’s such a waste. Plus, messy.

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