Coming Soon: Content About Content

New in 2023, we’re helping you get Content About Content with a brand new, weekly podcast on everything (and yes, we mean everything!) content.

Join us as we uncover what content means for businesses today, and how the content industry is changing as both technology and consumer expectations do.

Your host, Jennifer Robson, draws from her 20+ years’ of content experience, working with tech giants like PayPal, Adobe, Grab and more, universities and the education sector, and a huge range of small and medium-sized businesses and start ups.

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Happy New Year and welcome to 2023. This year, we’re getting content about content with a brand new podcast, delivered every week, here to answer all your content questions.

I’m your host, Jennifer Robson, but you can call me Jen. With more than 20 years’ experience working across all content disciplines for a range of huge and not so huge brands, I’m here to share what I’ve learnt, what I know, and what I continue to learn every day in this ever changing and, I may be biased, super awesome industry.

The fact is that consumers today expect brands to be producing content on the reg. Not just TikTok’s and reels, but valuable assets that give them a little bit extra bang for their buck. Educational blogs, video tutorials, emails with updates, insights into the latest research and so much more.

In this series, we’ll be looking at everything content. What works, what doesn’t. How to plan, research, revise, reuse and improve so that marketers and small business owners, and even copywriters, can feel content that they’re on the right track to building their business.

So let’s get content about content in 2023.

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