How do you feel? Empathy mapping

Empathy mapping is key to good product design. It’s a tool designed to help you take a step back from the product or service you’re building, to really think about who you’re creating it for.  

In a traditional sense, it’s mapping against four quadrants: what do people do, say, think and feel. And ideally it draws on strong research so you’re not plucking answers out of thin air and hoping you’ve got it right. 

When designing experiences, I like to step a little further. Because it’s not just about what someone is experiencing now – how someone feels after an experience is what impacts satisfaction and loyalty. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts and all about your experiences with empathy mapping. And about this podcast so far too! Please leave a review for us at so I can help ensure that I’m delivering content that’s helpful and makes you more confident. 

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