So, what’s so important about content?

Content is NOT a dirty word. 

But what does it mean exactly? What is content? Where does it fit? Why do businesses need it? And what’s the pay off? 

99.99% (at a guess) of businesses today have some form of content – even if they only started last week. The difference is whether or not they prioritise content creation and strategise and plan their content for optimum impact. 

Content’s not just about making the sale either. There’s need for it for most businesses along every step of the customer journey. And finding out what works for your business, well that’s the fun part.  

In this episode I reference a stat from Havas Group’s report, Meaningful Brands 2017 Reap Greater Financial Rewards As They Outperform the Stock Market By 206%. And I got the stat wrong – it’s actually 84% of consumers expecting brands to produce content. Oops. 

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