Do you ever feel like you’re out here on your own?

I’m not a particularly social person, but when I started freelancing I felt lonely.

It was totally unexpected!

I used to seek out days I could work from home (this was before the pandemic when there become no choice, obvs). I’d rock up to my desk in my spare room, PJ pants still on and dive into my work, loving the quiet. No interruptions. No mindless chatter. No long commutes and missed trains and busses that never quite connect at the right time…

But working day after day, at home, all alone… it gets a bit lonely.

If you’re a part of a team, there’s still a social element. You have meetings with your colleagues, chatter on Slack or Teams or Workplace or whatever messaging system your company uses.

But when you’re on your own, there’s no one really to shoot the breeze with. You have meetings with clients, sure, but they’re not quite so social. And when you’re feeling a bit lost, there’s no boss or teammates to turn to… you’re the boss.

We, individually, don’t know everything. That’s why teams work so well.

And when you’re growing your own business and building your copywriting skills, you can’t close off your mind to just what you know already. You need to keep learning, keep expanding your horizons…

And you also just need some people you can ask questions of, vent to, share wins with, lean on.

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