How much is copywriting worth?

If you’ve ever pitched for a freelance gig, I’m sure you’ve faced the “Oh, I didn’t expect it to cost so much” conversation with a potential client.

The reactions from potential clients can vary from shock to anger, disbelief to begging for discounts. Some may also remind you they can hire people on Fiverr or Upwork for $2 an hour or $5 a blog post.

Good for them.

If a client thinks you’re not worth your rates, they’re not worth your time.

But if you ever have that niggly “maybe they’re right!” thought spiralling through your head, I want you to touch base with former clients to find out the impact you’ve made.

Like on a recent project where all I did was update the copy on the buttons on a dozen pages… that was worth US$500,000 in additional incremental quarterly revenue to one of my clients.

That sounds pretty darned valuable, right? But let’s look at what it really means:

$500,000 in 3 months

A further $1M in months 4-6 (the ongoing income from the first 3 months, plus the next 3 months’ new customers)

$1.5M in months 7-9

$2M in months 10-12.

In one year, that small copywriting project delivered US$5M in additional revenue. (And that was just year one…)

Now, of course, I didn’t charge them that much – nowhere near!! – but that’s just the tip of the copywriting value iceberg…

And I have dozens and dozens of stories just like that, which means I can happily reply, “No problem. Best of luck with your project!” when a potential client bugs out at my rates.

I can be secure in what I charge. I want you to be too.

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