I would do anything for love…

But I won’t do that.


I love writing. I’m guessing you’ve got that by now, huh?

But there are boundaries on what I will and won’t write – and every writer has them.

For some writers, the things they’re good at dictate what they’ll do.

For others, it’s about the industry – they only want to write about real estate or health care or tourism.

For me, it’s about what I enjoy and what bores me to tears.

When you’re planning your copywriting career, it’s worthwhile mapping out what you want to focus on but also what you don’t. Think through your no-go lists for both industries and content types.

Like maybe you want to focus on blogging or social media, but steer clear of service emails.

Or maybe you want to stick to solopreneurs in the health and wellness industry and avoid large corporates.

Whatever works for you works for you.

But I would caution against being too strict with your boundaries, particularly in the early days. Exposure to different types of content and different industries is how we improve our skills and discover our passions. You could be surprised to find something you expected to hate is actually kinda awesome.

Like, I’ve recently taken on some influencer marketing projects. Thought I’d hate it, but finding the right influencer and working with them to create something new… turns out I love it.

So set your boundaries, but instead of drawing a line in the grass, maybe just lay down a string so you can move it as you need and want to as opportunities arise.

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