Setting intentions for 2021

So here we are, at the end of another year. In some ways, this year has flown by. In others, it’s dragged like my pup, Baxter, when he’s found something super smelly to dig his nose into. However it’s felt for you, I think It’s fair to say we’re all pretty happy to see the end of 2020 and look towards a brighter 2021.

At the end of every year, I take some time to review the past year. What have I achieved? What could have been done better? What did I plan to do but totally skipped? What made my heart sing and what really, really didn’t? It helps me reset my mind as I look to the new year, and define my new intention.

I believe in this practice. If you’re not steering the ship, you’ve no control over where the currents will take you.

So I set an intention with a word of the year and a list of goals.

I choose a word to live the next year by (this year, there’ll be two – one for me and one for my business), and I set a list of tasks and goals I’d like to achieve. There were 19 in 2019, 20 in 2020 and there’ll be 21 in 2021. These intention and goal-setting methods come from the wonderful minds of Christine Kane and Gretchen Rubin. (I recommend tuning into their podcasts for a quick dose of inspiration each week.)

My 19 in 2019 showed me I wasn’t on the right path. It was filled with big goals that, when it came down to it, I just didn’t want to work on. They were things I felt I should do, but not things I actually wanted to do.

My 20 in 2020 was a big flop. It was filled with travel plans and social events. You all know what happened there…

But my 21 in 2021 feels just right. At least it does right now. Many are building on things I’ve been working towards for the last few months. Others are self-care activities I’ve been putting off, like seeing the dentist and getting a pap smear, reinforcing my intention to love and care for myself.

I’m still deciding on my personal word of the year, but my business word of 2021 is Courage.

I will have the courage to step into the new territories I’ve just been tippy-toeing towards in 2020. I’ll launch my first copywriting course. I’ll build a group of likeminded entrepreneurs who support each other as they define their businesses and nail their messages. And I’ll have the courage to share my experiences and the knowledge I’ve gathered over the past 20 years and say, “I know what I’m doing.”

Because you know what? I actually do.

If you haven’t reviewed your 2020 and started planning your 2021, I encourage you to take an hour or so to do that today. Don’t drift – stride with purpose.

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