Brand, voice and style guide template
Standardise your copy
No matter who writes for your business, your content should remain consistent across all touchpoints, from your website to your social media to your apps, ads, FAQs, downloadables, blogs, and more.

This style guide template helps small businesses and the copywriters who serve them set the rules for copy and content for all channels.
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We've done the hard work for you

Consistency in content provides a more seamless user experience and has been shown to improve brand preference, loyalty and engagement. Instead of limiting creativity, this guide helps smooth the road when questions about style, formatting, voice, tone and terminology arise.

In this guide, you’ll clearly define your or your client’s brand, target audience and personas, and voice and tone. You’ll also be given the framework in which to develop examples to guide other writers and keep them on brand.

Filled with writing tips and quick copy/paste alternative phrases for simpler and clearer copy, you’ll feel in control when it comes to developing fresh new content.

What's included?

Inside, you’ll find guidelines and tips to help you build your brand voice and style.

Brand guidelines
Audience and personas
Voice & tone
Voice tips
Range of tones
Writing guidelines
Writing tips and guidelines
Tips for accessibility, legibility and scannability
Tips by content type
Final writing checklist - editorial, style, instructional content and SEO
Regional differences for audiences in Australia, the UK and the US
Layout & formatting
Mathematical symbols
Phone numbers
Country names
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How it works

Using the template is super easy!

Open the spreadsheet and make a copy (or "Save As").
Update all content in red font to suit your brand
Review the guidelines and rules and tweak as necessary
Send it off to your client or share with stakeholders for approval

What you'll get

30+ page brand, voice and style guide template in Microsoft Word (Google Docs available on request)
Short video tutorial showing you how to use the template
3 download limit per purchase (so save it somewhere safe!)
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Updates as they happen

We update our style guide from time to time to stay relevant to market standards and needs. If this happens within 1 year of purchase, we’ll send you the updated template free of charge.

Notice an issue before us? Let us know and we’ll get the template updated for you.

Ready to take control of your content?

Buy today for just A$15 (inluding GST for Australian customers) and see how easy it is to maintain a consistent style and voice across all your communications.


  • Files emailed upon purchase (keep an eye on your junk folder). It usually takes about 5 minutes to arrive.
  • No refunds available on downloadable products.
  • After purchase, you are free to amend this template to suit your and your clients’ needs. You may not sell or share this document, in full or part, without prior written permission from Engage Agency Pty Ltd.
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