I’ve recently been teaching Mr B, my puppster, to wait.

I offer him a treat and then there’s three commands that follow:

  • Yes. He knows he can take it from my hand.
  • Wait. He can’t chew or eat it yet. He just has to hold it.
  • Okay! It’s all his. He can run off to enjoy his treat in his favourite corner.

With pats and love thrown in with the “wait” stage, he’s doing well with it.

And his excitement when I finally say “Okay” is much greater than it was before I implemented this new rule.

It’s reminded me of the joy of anticipation.

A lot of copywriters – particularly those just starting out – skip that joy. They’re so desperate for any job to come in that they’ll grab whatever hits their inbox without thought.

I’m not saying ignore potential clients. I’m saying… wait.

I always take a moment to catch up with potential clients to work through their needs.

They might come to me saying they need a landing page, or a couple of emails. But after a call, I know so much more…

Whether they’re someone I want to work with.

Whether the job is something I want to do.

All the things they haven’t considered that I can help them out with (often turning $1-2K jobs into $5K+ in the process).

And sometimes they walk away because it’s too much and they only wanted that one thing.

But more often than not, our chat gets them excited – about their project, about the potential – and they’re keen to sign on the dotted line with a much more exciting (for me, too!) partnership.

So when they finally say “Okay!” I’m off, with a bounce in my step, just like B. (He also wags his tail… I’m not so good at that part…)

And that project usually becomes the first of many because I’ve helped them think big and achieve big.

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